Felix Mathias Ott

Sandbox Collective invited Felix Mathias Ott to Bangalore for a month-long residency in December 2015. Felix spent time with Sandbox and other artists in Bangalore and Pondicherry as part of his research project. He worked briefly with a group of non-actors and actors to present an experiment of sorts. The piece was inspired by the story of Shakuntala from the Mahabharata. The 20 minute piece was performed at The Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhawan on 4th January 2016 to an invited audience.  This residency was the first step to a collaboration with Sandbox Collective that resulted in the production of a new performance RAMANAYA, which premiered in Bangalore in February 2018.


Laura Klatt

Laura Klatt was artist-in-resident with Sandbox in 2016 and explored ideas that integrated performance with food.  A theatre practitioner from Berlin, she evolved a project called Cyclewali Aloorani where she sold authentic German potato salad on the streets of Bengaluru in exchange for stories and conversation.

Watch her interview here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4c53es9GfA

Jazeela Basheer

Jazeela a student of spatial and exhibition design from NID collaborated with Sandbox Collective on a project called 30213 which opened at 1, Shanthi Road. 30213 was an interactive performance installation that was inspired by Mathilukal, a popular Malayalam novel by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. The installation explored our obsession with wealth and success and our constant search for the meaning of love, life and death.

Christ Leuenberger and Marcel Schwald

Christ Leuenberger, a dancer, choreographer, and performer, together with theatre director, performer, and writer Marchel Schwald, devised a performance that addresses the issues transgender people face in India through the language of dance and documentary theater. The first part of their project, that took place during their residency in early 2017, included a workshop aimed at engaging with the Aravani community through dance, creating a platform to meet Aravanis in an uncomplicated and playful way, through movement.
The pair returned later that year to create a piece after finding interested participants to work with. The project premiered in Switzerland to great acclaim in 2018.


Eduardo is a Portuguese architect and artist based in Berlin. His collaboration with Sandbox Collective saw the realisation of two works, the Portable Museum and The Generator. The concepts involved in both works aimed at  breaking down boundaries between the artist and the spectator, the exhibition space or stage and our everyday environment. 
The Portable Museum was conceived as a movable exhibition space that opens itself to the streets of Bangalore, curated by the inhabitants of the city. The Project was showcased as Museum of Memories in 2017.

More on his project here.