Our budding Arts-In-Education program includes arts based workshops and trips, and performances in schools and colleges. Sandbox aims to make the arts an integral part of a child’s life. Our Arts in Education program can be broadly divided into two categories: Artreach, which encompasses a number of workshops, and Art Tripping, which includes the various field trips we have organised.


The aim of Artreach is to organise workshops for children to enjoy the creative process by using their imagination through mind and body work in fun-filled sessions covering dance, music, theatre, writing and fine arts. Our role as arts administrators gives us access to some of the best teachers and performers within and outside Bangalore. Workshop topics have included Puppetry, Aboriginal Art, Camera Scenography, Theatre, Dance & Body Conditioning, Music, Magazine Making, Creative Writing, and Pop Up Art.


ArtTripping features specially curated day-long field trips to meet artists and visit art spaces in and around Bangalore. An interaction with people behind and in front of the scenes gives a unique perspective on how artists and spaces practise and sustain their craft. Activities range from nature walks, birdwatching, gallery walks, and interactive sessions with the hosts and local dining where available. Field trips have been organised to spaces such as Nrityagram, NGMA Bengaluru, Infinite Souls Farm, Jagriti Theatre, and Janapada Loka.


Performances include our production How Cow Now Cow. It is a devised piece for children that can be performed in a variety of settings such as school halls, libraries, terraces, gardens and community halls as well as conventional auditoria. A limited audience size provides an intimate unforgettable experience for children with strong elements of storytelling, object theatre and shadow puppetry.

How Cow Now Cow Fact List:

Shows: 100+

Bangalore Venues: Rangashankara, Atta Galatta, Jagriti Theatre, Shoonya

Festivals: Theatre Festivals @Changanacherry, Trivandrum, Guwahati and Pondicherry.

Travelled to: Changanacherry, Trivandrum, Guwahati, Chennai, Pondicherry

Private school shows:  Deens Academy, NAFL, DPS, Chrysalis

Government schools: RBANMS, Hulimavu