July 2018

Gender Bender 2018

Introducing the grantees and projects for this year's edition of Gender Bender. Ajithlal is an actor, theatre maker and performance artist. His project, entitled Jasmine Walk, is a performance that celebrates different identities. It aims to use jasmine, a flower usually associated with femininity, to look at gender as a day-to-day performance in public spaces. [...]

June 2018

Gender Bender 2018 – Jury Meet

The jury for Gender Bender 2018 got together on June 9, to go over the applications. The process is now underway and the results will be announced soon. We thank all the lovely jurors for sharing their expertise with us. AASTHA CHAUHAN Born in Ajmer, Rajasthan in 1981, Aastha studied sculpture at the Panjab and [...]

April 2018

Or as Nimi calls them, “The Dumplings”

Sandbox Collective is now in its fifth year. It’s been a while, and while numbers don’t matter, we’ve worked on putting up over five hundred performances, in Bangalore, other cities, and other countries. But through all this, our favourite part has to be the variety of people we’ve worked with across venues and productions. In [...]

August 2017

‘No Rest’ at The Hindu Theatre Festival

This was my first time at the Museum Theatre in Chennai. As a 'young person' slowly discovering various aspects of theatre in our country, one of the things that fascinate me the most are old theatres and performing spaces. I've had the luck to have performed in Delhi in spaces like Akshara Theatre, Shri Ram [...]

Firsts Are Always Exciting

It’s been awhile since the Sandbox Collective blog has seen some activity. But we’re bringing back the groove and all the insider news. (And we’ll try to be more ASAPish about it this time.) First things first, I’m really excited about the fact that we’re travelling with Deepika Arwind’s solo piece, “No Rest In The [...]

July 2016

Celebrating Koogu

Celebrating 100 Shows of Koogu The Koogu journey has been filled with surprises that took us to various places and made us meet some amazing people. At the completion of over a 100 shows we would like to thank every audience member and every space which was part of this journey. Koogu_ not-so-random thoughts Anish Victor [...]

April 2016

Gender Bender

Gender Bender  After the phenomenal success of Gender Bender 2015  Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan and Sandbox Collective gear up for the second edition of the Gender specific arts festival. Last year we received over 60 applications from artists across India(and globally) thanks to the combined network of Goethe and Sandbox. We invite artists to [...]

January 2016

Once upon a time, in a great forest.

Fairy tales with witches, magic and happy endings were the stories of our childhood. One such fairy tale that we read and reread, watched and rewatched was Hansel and Gretel. While reminiscing about this enchanting fairy tale, you come to realise that it was quite a gruesome, merciless and morbid story. They told us Hansel [...]

February 2015

Koogu trails and tales

Performing in the midst of nature is not my strength. I have tried many times before and have always felt overwhelmed by the sheer presence of nature – she is indomitable. And here I was – at Under the Sal Trees, the annual theatre festival organised and hosted by Badungduppa – a theatre collective based [...]

Theatre Picnic

If the play will not come to you.... then you must go to the play! That's the opposite of Sandbox Collective's Home Theatre philosophy but fits in with what we believe. So when Thomas Ostermeier's An Enemy of the People was scheduled to perform in Chennai, and not Bangalore; Sandbox Collective (thanks to the Goethe-Institut/Max [...]