Gender Bender

Gender Bender is an initiative that invites artists and other individuals working in the field of arts to re-look and re-imagine the ‘idea’ of Gender and gender equality.  We hope to find fresh and innovative ideas that will enable and further the discourse on Gender. Gender Bender comprises of a diverse range of projects from photo installations, to music videos to theatre, movement and live performances.

Gender Bender : Bangalore Mirror : 13 April 2016

Gender Bender : The Hindu : 25 August 2015


The Library Project

In association with Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, we invited theatre people to explore the large database of German language plays that have been translated and are available on their website. The scripts selected by these playwrights, actors and directors were staged in dramatized readings, with the objective of exposing theatre enthusiasts to different kinds of scripts and perspectives.

German Spotlight : The Times of India : 23 August 2015

German Spotlight : The Hindu : 17 August 2015

German Spotlight : The New Indian Express : 29 July 2015

Great Galata

The Great Galata is a community theatre initiative where the (almost) whole of Bangalore Theatre community gets together to celebrate World Theatre Day. Playwrights, directors, actors and other artists come together to create short plays over a period of 3 days in Kannada, English and Hindi.

Vijaya Karnataka Natakotsava

Sandbox Collective joined hands with Vijay Karnataka to organise the Vijay Karnataka Natakotsava. The theme of this festival was to create a change in the state of affairs faced by the common man by raising awareness through theatre.

Kamshet Arts Festival

In March 2014, Sandbox Collective, curated and produced the Kamshet Arts Festival for The Company Theatre at its Workspace, Kamshet. The dusk to dawn program was attended by more than 600 audience members from across India, including the local village community. The first of its kind of festival in rural Maharashtra saw the coming together of theatre, storytelling, music and dance in Uksan Village. The festival showcase promises to be a significant and celebrated event in the culture calendar of Maharashtra.