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HOW TO OPEN A COCONUT is an exhibition of final presentations by 4 bangaloREsidents and 1 resident of Lichtenberg Studios Berlin Artist Exchange. In a joint, eclectic presentation they will present the first or final results of their projects developed during this year’s bangaloREsidency.

Benjamin Brix@Sandbox Collective
I started my work with the idea of tracing the journey of a few products that found their way to the Bangalore market. Where were they grown/produced and how did they travel to Bangalore? We spent a long time with the people working in the various industries. Our interactions led to conversations and some level of closeness. After some time it felt natural because everyone was just doing their job. They were fishing, and I was filming, it seemed quite organic.
I don’t want to build a chronological story line or a linear narrative with the shots I choose and the way I edit, because I don’t feel the need to explain anything. What I try to do is transport a notion. In this process fishermen become actors and the fish shop becomes a film set with carefully chosen set design. The audio is a patch work of actual recording on spot and collected sound from other places. As a result what is completely natural takes on a fully-staged appearance.

December 8 & 9, 2018 @1 Shanthi Road Studio Gallery
Exhibition Opening: December 8, 2018 | 6.30 p.m.