It’s been awhile since the Sandbox Collective blog has seen some activity. But we’re bringing back the groove and all the insider news. (And we’ll try to be more ASAPish about it this time.)

First things first, I’m really excited about the fact that we’re travelling with Deepika Arwind’s solo piece, “No Rest In The Kingdom” to Chennai later this month, for the Hindu Theatre Festival. The nature of the performance is such that every time an audience views it, they leave something with us, just as they leave with something that they perhaps didn’t quite anticipate: a distinct feeling of discomfort. Every time someone suppresses a nervous giggle or looks around in shock, not knowing how to react “appropriately”, it is a win, and acts as the universe giving signs that we’re moving in the right direction with something important.
This will be the first time for the show to perform at this scale, of both audience and space. Firsts are always exciting.

There’s also something super coming up next month- Sandbox completes 4 years! Woohoo! And with that also comes the 25th edition of our newsletter. Double trouble.
Aaand it gets better. The third edition of Gender Bender is scheduled for 9-10th of September, and there’s some scoop from the inside…
You don’t want to miss it.
Happening times ahead! Find out more here and get updates through our Instagram!

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