India’s First Arts Festival That Focuses On Fresh Perspectives Of Gender

Through Sandbox Collective’s journey of nearly five years, our approach towards the works we produce and curate has seen a marked evolution. What is clearer than ever is the fact that art is at the crux of bringing positive change and increased empathy. In this, we have gravitated organically towards the link between art and gender, which also resulted in the creation of Gender Bender three years ago. The festival invites applications from artists and individuals around the world, for works that play with innovative and novel ideas around issues of gender. An independent panel comprising of eminent individuals in the arts select the projects to be supported with a trigger grant.
Each project that has been created for Gender Bender since its inception has resulted in impact beyond the festival. The conversations that emerge as the artists and audiences meet and interact in this space are of immense value to the discourse on Gender.  Through the selection process, the hope is that each year there are projects that kindle and enable more such artistic endeavors.
Find more details about the projects from previous years: