Gender Bender

After the phenomenal success of Gender Bender 2015 The Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan and Sandbox Collective gear up for the second edition of the Gender specific arts festival.

Last year we received over 60 applications from artists across India (and globally) thanks to the combined network of Goethe and Sandbox. We invited artists to create 10 minute performances or showcase their arts projects. It gives us great pride and joy to announce that many of the project showcased at GB 2015 have gone on to become full length projects and are performing across the country. These include:

Lady Anandi:​ By Anuja Ghosalkar. A full length performance that has performed across Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi.

Dekho Magar Pyar Se:​ By Vikrant Dhote. Full length performance performed at theatre festival like Kala Ghoda and across Mumbai. Scheduled tour of Bangalore in July.

Brief History of your Hair: ​By Deepika Arwind. Post Gender Bender this work received a grant from IFA and the New Voices Theatre Project. Premiered in Bangalore last month.
GOEF JOSEF:​ Zui Kumar Reddy’s film has been shown at feminist and gender festivals in Mumbai and was also showcased in Los Angeles in March 2016.

Rendu Ghatam:​ Sumana Chandreshekhar’s performance piece has widely performed at Gender Festivals and conferences.

Gender Bender was a new initiative that invited artists and other individuals working in the field of arts to send in entries for projects that would re-­look and re­-imagine the idea of Gender and gender equality.We stressed the fact that the project was not about bashing the opposite gender or about using documentary evidence or statistics to prove a point. We were looking for fresh and innovative ideas that would enable, and further the discourse on Gender.

We received over 60 proposals from across the country and abroad from various fields­ poetry, fiction, non­-fiction, photo installations, film, theatre and fine arts among others. The final selection was made by an eminent panel comprising Anmol Vellani, Arshia Sattar, M D Pallavi and Suresh Jayaram.

The applicants received a small grant to develop their projects and showcased/performed at the Goethe­-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore on the 1st August, 2015. Gender Bender 2015 comprised a diverse range of projects from photo installations, to music videos to theatre, movement and live performances. All the 10 selected artists presented their complete works or,in some cases, work­ in  progress.