It has been a long and eventful year for all of us at Sandbox Collective-a motley group of artists and arts managers who set out on a journey last year to work towards creating a more culturally vibrant city.

The year started with us wanting to explore new and alternate spaces for performances and we now work with  three permanent  partners in Bangalore –  BeaglesLoft, Anubhava@IIHS and The Humming Tree. As part of our Spaces project we presented a combined run of 30 shows of Unveiling (rafiki) andTrivial Disasters(Just Theatre) to audiences at homes, offices, restaurants and educational institutions. We also worked with various artists from across the country and showcased works like Birds Eye View (Tram Theatre, Mumbai), Hamlet – The Clown Prince (Cinematograph, Mumbai) and Fearless (The Storm Factory). Sandbox was the Executive Producer of Remote Bangalore (Rimini Protokoll,Germany) presented by Goethe-Institut /Max Mueller Bhavan, an interactive, participatory theatre walk which had a run of 20 shows.

Our first theatre production Koogu, premiered in November 2013 and has had a successful season with nearly 40 shows being performed in Bangalore in both conventional as well as smaller, intimate spaces. Koogu  was invited to perform in Kolkata, Delhi and Nairobi during the course of the year.

This year also saw Sandbox curate, organise and manage four very diverse cultural festivals:

Lekhana – A literary weekend (Sangam House), Natakotsava – a festival of short original plays in Kannada (Vijay Karnataka),  Kamshet Arts Festival – A dusk to dawn festival of dance, music and theatre in Kamshet (The Company Theatre, Mumbai) and The Great Galata – a festival that brings together theatre practitioners in Bangalore to celebrate World Theatre Day every year.

We end 2014 on a cheery note with a performance of Trivial Disasters at the Comedy Festival in Coimbatore, followed by shows at Ranga Shankara. January 2015 begins with a month-long tour of The Company Theatre’s Piya Behrupiya in Chile at the Santiago a mil International Theatre festival, one of South America’s most prestigious festivals.

Having reached a milestone of over 90 shows and four festivals in one year, Sandbox Collective would like to thank you for all your support and good wishes and hope you will continue to travel with us on our creative journey across time and space.