Fairy tales with witches, magic and happy endings were the stories of our childhood. One such fairy tale that we read and reread, watched and rewatched was Hansel and Gretel. While reminiscing about this enchanting fairy tale, you come to realise that it was quite a gruesome, merciless and morbid story.

They told us Hansel and Gretel was a fairy tale.
Little did we know it for the beastly, ruthless story that it is.

Trickster.p in collaboration with Sandbox Collective and Think Arts (Kolkata)in association with Pro – Helvetia Swiss Arts Council  presents  h.g, a retelling of the classic fairy tale as not just another story but as an invigorating experience. Each member of the audience will walk through 9 different rooms. You will sense the smell of death, flesh and bones. You will hear the sounds of morbidity and silence. You will feel both fear and courage in your bones. You will be your own Hansel and Gretel.

h.g will not tell a story. It will, instead, make you feel the tale. It is an experiential journey of smell, touch, sight and emotion. It will be performed at at Max Mueller Bhavan from January 8th to January 11th 2016. This is not a show for children.

Adrift from home, there’s darkness, pain, temptation, and magic. Will you give in?

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