Sandbox Collective is now in its fifth year.
It’s been a while, and while numbers don’t matter, we’ve worked on putting up over five hundred performances, in Bangalore, other cities, and other countries. But through all this,
our favourite part has to be the variety of people we’ve worked with across venues and productions. In the last couple of years, we’ve had several people work with us at the loft, some for weeks, and some for months. In Nimi’s words, our dear “dumplings”.

We spoke to them recently, and here is what they had to say.

Sometimes you like what you’re doing, and sometimes, you’re doing something, and you begin to like it. For Nuhar, it came in the form of putting together the archives. She was also part of the first edition of Gender Bender, and she says her favourite part was, “working on the process of discovering new content, watching seniors from the field debate and shortlist and the following logistics.”

What is it about Sandbox Collective that makes it what it is? Jazeela says that “Sandbox would never be the same for me if it were not for Nimi’s love for food, her staunch belief in her many causes and Shiva’s deadly memory and insane organisation skills.” Yeah, we know what you mean Jaz! Varsha says “It’s like an open-mic with amazing people who will call you out on your shit.”

For Alistar, it was working here that led him to believe that a career in the arts can not only bring livelihood, but that it must be sustained for the arts itself.

Like Anula, most people who have visited BeaglesLoft feel that the space lends to a feeling of positivity and encouragement. In her words, she finds the Sandbox workspace to be, “One of the most aesthetically pleasing and comforting spaces to be in.” Madhav rightly wonders what Sandbox would be without the loft…

Sandbox Collective is a place where you can learn many valuable life skills- organisation, dealing with people, production- and MS Excel. Ask Anula. Or even Nirala, who is glad she wasn’t needed only for scanning documents!

But it wasn’t just in office. From moments at the Kamshet Arts Festival and Gender Bender, to the performances of Ganapati, How Cow Now Cow, Koogu, Trivial Disasters, Hansel and Gretel…the list can go on, and what is certain that each of these experiences wouldn’t be complete without the contriubution of every single person who worked on it in different capacities.

Thanks, you guys, memories of Sandbox Collective for us and the people we’ve worked with would not be complete without you.


Alistar Bennis is currently based in Mumbai, going strong as a performer on stage and film.

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Anula Navlekar is a stage and film actor, and is going to train professionally as an actor at the Yale School of Drama this fall.

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Jazeela Basheer is currently working with Chatterjee & Lal, in Mumbai.

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Nuhar Bansal is a lawyer by qualification and a theatre artist for all other purposes.

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Madhav Chowdary keeps in touch with us on email, and is currently soul-searching.

These testimonials were collected from people who’ve interned with us in the past. Two of our interns also converted to working here full-time. Internships at Sandbox Collective are available through the year, those interested can drop us a line!