Koogu – Anish Victor

Devised by Anish Victor, Koogu toured in multiple cities, including a Sal Forest in Assam and performed over a 100 shows in the course of one year. Koogu, the Kannada word for ‘call’ or ‘shout’, is a solo performance comprising of a series of vignettes based on real events.

Koogu : The Hindu : 28 June 2016

Koogu : Mint : 20 June 2016

Koogu : Bangalore Mirror : 18 February 2014

.h.g. -Trickster-p

.h.g. was a reading of the classical fairy tale. A performance installation spread across 9 rooms, that merged theatre and visual arts.

Remote Bangalore – Rimini Protokoll

Remote Bangalore by Rimini Protokoll, Germany, is a participatory performance installation that uses the architecture of the city as performance space. Directed by Stefan Kaegi.



A choreographed contemporary dance performance based on the principles of Quantum Physics, Quantum was developed and choreographed by Gilles Jobin at CERN. Quantum was a quivering, throbbing performance that celebrated the dance of the universe through the movement of elementary particles.

Quantum : The Economic Times : 26 November 2015


The adaptation of Unveiling is a dark comedy about the lives we live, the spaces we inhabit and our need for clutter and approval. It was written by Vaclav Havel and directed by Sachin Gurjale.

Trivial Disasters

Trivial Disasters is a series of 8 absurdly comic sketches that takes events and episodes from everyday life and subverts them by turning them upside down. Directed by Nimi Ravindran, Trivial Disasters was performed in 2015.

Trivial Disasters : Times of India : 21 June 2014

Trivial Disasters : Bangalore Mirror : 13 November 2013

Trivial Disasters : The Hindu : 12 April 2012

One Night In Paris

One Night in Paris is a cabaret performed by actor/singer Kirtana Kumar. Inspired by the old school Weimar cabarets, where artists sang, danced and spoke to the audience in an intimate space, Kirtana re-interprets cabaret for today’s audiences.

One Night in Paris : The New Indian Express: 2 July 2015

One Night in Paris : The Hindu : 2 July 2015

One Night in Paris: Bangalore Mirror : 29 June 2015