Piya Behrupiya

Premiering at the Shakespearean Globe Theatre in London, Piya Behrupiya is an award winning play. It is the Hindi translation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, directed by Atul Kumar. The play won accolades at various countries across the globe and in collaboration with Sandbox Collective performed at Festival International Santiago a Mil in Chile in 2015.

K Two

K Two is an improvised performance based on the character of Madame K. Two dancers explored the limits of the movements of video game characters executed by human bodies. K Two was performed and conceptualised by Nicole Seiler and Kylie Walters.

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The Tadpole Repertory Tour in Bangalore

A Brief History of Pantomimes

A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE PANTOMIMES is a fantasy about a fictional community of people who have decided not to speak in their daily lives. The play presented scenes plucked out of their imagined history and coloured by their biographers. Directed by Neel Chaudhuri.


NDLS is collection of short sketches – comic, dramatic, musical and nonsensical – making propositions about life in Delhi. Directed by Bikram Ghosh.

Gruesome Playground Inquiries

Adapted from the play by the Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright Rajiv Joseph, GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INJURIES is the story of the relationship between Adhiraj and Ira. Directed by Neel Sengupata.


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