Gender Outreach

Feminist and Queer Library

Our library is imagined as a physical space that is open to all, a comfortable and welcoming space for us to gather to read, discuss and debate, banter and bicker about books and authors. An informal space that recognises the contribution of women and queer writers. The library will house all kinds of books, from philosophy and poetry to romance and pulp fiction. We will also stock zines and comics, and install listening stations. In short, it will create quick access to material by women and queer writers that may not be easily available at mainstream bookstores. Our aim is also to try and capture the nostalgia associated with the vibrant culture of lending(circulating) libraries, something that has vanished from our landscape in recent times. Our library will also feature a curated program-Talking Gender, once a month, this will include talks, book clubs, book launches and conversations with authors.

Gender Jalebi- A PodCast for when gender makes you go round and round.

A podcast series with women, gender non-conforming and trans persons.

The series looks at sharing stories, highlighting the voices of a community which otherwise go unheard and are never archived.GJ will feature people from different walks of life to capture the different layers and nuances within the discourse.

Since the podcast will have a large reach across location, region and language, the vision is to have episodes in as many different languages as we can. The podcast series was initiated in collaboration with the local Community Radio Channel, Radio Active.

Gender Survey

This has been a long cherished project, and pandemic season seems like the ideal time to take stock of this. We believe representation matters, and it matters in the arts. It is believed that arts organisations world-wide(as well as in India) are largely led and peopled by women. While we agree that there might be a large number of women working in the arts, we feel that there is an acute shortage of women in powerful and decision making positions even in the world of arts. Our final aim is to conduct a gender-based survey and audit of all arts organisations in the country, but we propose to start with a pilot of three Bangalore-based organisations. The research methodology will survey and analyse the results with facts and figures that will be made public.. The basic questions we hope to address are: The ratio of men versus women in the organisational structure. in terms of power, salary and decision making. If this is a theatre venue, we will analyse how often they stage/ commission/ allot dates to shows helmed by/ created by/ written by those identifying as male, as opposed to women and other non-confirming genders. Phase 1 will comprise collating facts and figures, this will be followed by Phase 2, where we ask for public accountability and more (gender) diversity. The pilot study will be followed in the coming year with a nationwide study of arts organisations. For decades we have made claims about the diversity and inclusivity of the arts world, finally it’s time for decision makers to put their money where their mouth is.