Museum of Memories

Museum of Memories is a virtual repository for untold stories of the heritage of women and queer identities. We invite contributors to examine personal memory and community histories to find untold stories.


An object of personal sentimental value, a piece of literature or family folklore, a photograph, a broken earring-all of these hold stories of heritage that exist across mediums and forms. Our museum is open to exploring the tangible and intangible forms that your idea of heritage through the lens of gender proposes.


Even as we create a tapestry of memories over the coming months, we must question the representation of women and sexual and gender minorities in our heritage. What accounts for their presence or absence in the canon of Indian history when seen through the eyes of young contributors.


Contributions of any form are welcome, but please note the  specific file sizes and formats required to submit: 


For Photographic Work:

Maximum 15 Images condensed in a PDF format.

ZIP Folder of compressed PDF acceptable.

Size less than 10MB only. 


For Audio Files:

Audio files can be uploaded in MP3 or WAV format.

Size less than 10MB only. 

Naming the file:

In the format of FirstName_LastName (eg. Anjali_Aarya.pdf or Anjali_Aarya.mp3 etc.)


For Film/Multimedia Work:

Please send us a Google drive or Youtube link to your film. 


For any queries, or to simply get in touch, you can reach the curators of the Museum of Memories at




Please ensure that the contributions do not violate any copyrights.