C G Salamander, Chennai & Samidha Gunjal, Ahmednagar

C G Salamander is a comic journalist and writer whose work has appeared in The Nib, Mint, Buzzfeed, and Indian Quarterly to name a few. His picture book Puu was published by Scholastic last year. Salamander is also a writer and an editor.

Samidha is an illustrator and animator who has worked on numerous children’s books and comics. She works out of Studio Dhamisa in Ahmednagar, and loves using the visual medium to explore a wide range of topics and themes.

Scavenging is a nonfiction comic that aims to examine and educate people about the inhuman practice of manual scavenging. The comic aims to cover the wide array of work that falls under the umbrella term of manual scavenging; examine the gender and caste breakup of manual scavengers; and finally explore the shortcomings of the government in enforcing the ban and providing adequate rehabilitation.


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