Gender Bender

A joint project of the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore, and Sandbox Collective.
Gender Bender 2021 invites applications from artists and individuals working at the intersection of art and technology.

Faced with the challenges in the last year and a half, a shaky present and an uncertain future, the only thing we are certain of at this point is that we must continue the work however and whenever possible. These difficult times have only taught us how much more we must persevere to further the gender discourse in the hope of contributing to a better understanding of gender and art.

Gender Bender 2021 is envisioned as a digital manifestation of the physical festival – an interactive online space for audiences to engage with. Keeping this in mind, this year, we only invite applications for ideas that can be realised in the digital space.

The Gender Bender grant (Rs. 25,000-Rs.75,000) is awarded to individuals /groups who are selected by an independent jury of eminent artists and scholars from across India. 

Applications must include a proposal detailing your project idea, as well as a budget  for the same.

We are happy to answer any queries/questions you might have, write to us:

Submission Guidelines
Who can apply: (Former grantees are not eligible)

* Artists working at the intersection of art and technology

* Solo artists or a group of artists or artists and tech collaborators
* Individuals working in the field of technology looking to apply their skills in an arts space

* Digital and multimedia artists, animators, coders, gamers, AR / VR designers, interaction designers, website designers, 

data journalists, podcasters, app designers, digital archivists, sound artists, 3D designers and model makers, projection mapping specialists 

and other individuals and groups working in similar fields.

What we are looking for:
* A vision for your project
* A critical approach to the theme and questions of gender
* Works that are interactive which engage the audience and asks questions
* A clear understanding of how to navigate and effectively make use of the online space
* A budget for all your overheads + a note how the trigger grant will help realise a part of or the
whole project

How to apply:
To apply, fill in the application form:

You can apply in any Indian language (including English)

Deadline for applications:  10 October
Results: 30 October 
Festival Dates: 10-12 December